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We recently had a local customer approach us about his site not being found by Google and when we searched it didn’t even come up. After analysing his pages we found there was not much optimised content. As the site had been built some time ago and SEO (search engine optimisation) rules were different then.

Martin didn’t want to renew his site, and didn’t really need to as it had all the right information on there, it just needed the SEO brought up to date.

We spent just over an hour working through his pages, adding in new keywords, heading tags, alt tags and meta descriptions. 2 weeks on and Martin’s website brought in 25% more sales, 1 month on and it’s risen to 50% more enquiries than before now it’s being found organically by Google.

Don’t go for Adwords until your pages are search engine optimised.

If you have an old website that you’re happy with but it’s not being found by Google, don’t spend any money on SEO until you’ve had all your pages optimised for the search engines, as that might be all it needs.  Get in touch if you’d like us to look through your site, we don’t just build websites and won’t give the hard sell on having a new one either.  We’ll look at the site, analyse it and then advise you what we can do to help improve it’s searchability.

My business now comes much higher up in the search engines and is now much easier for clients to find. Initial enquiries were up by 25% and have now increased to 50%. Martin – Corsham Classics

You can do it yourself!

Here’s an article we wrote a earlier showing you how to optimise your site for the web. We used these principals on Corsham Classics website.

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