LYNDSAYMOON.COM to Hashtag Websites Ltd

So, we’ve grown, and we felt it’s time to for LYNDSAYMOON.COM to grow too. We’re proud of the name that’s given us success over the last 3.5 years and loved every minute of it, but felt we wanted to have something more formal so a company was formed and Hashtag Websites Ltd was created.

We’re a small team of dedicated to web developers. Customer service, providing great websites and growing your online presence is still our priority.

Our mission is…

To provide flexible, long term, manageable websites that the Customer can take ownership of and grow themselves.

Still sticking with WordPress as our platform of choice. We’re moving onward and upward, why not take that ride with us?

About the Author

Gabriela Ducat CEO and Founder of Jessimi Internet Consultancy

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