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Is your website not being found by Google?

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We recently had a local customer approach us about his site not being found by Google and when we searched it didn’t even come up. After analysing his pages we found there was not much optimised content. As the site had been built some time ago and SEO (search engine optimisation) rules were different then.

Martin didn’t want to renew his site, and didn’t really need to as it had all the right information on there, it just needed the SEO brought up to date. Read more

Need help with WordPress?

Need help with WordPressLet someone else run your site so you can get on with running your business.

There’s no doubt about it, WordPress is the most popular content management system out there today and it’s going from strength to strength. We get many customers coming to us specifically for a WordPress website.

Like everything WordPress is easy when you know how but getting to that point can be a steep learning curved for some. If you’re busy running a business that doesn’t require too much time spent on a computer it can be difficult to get into, or get back into technology especially if you’ve had time away from it, it is moving so fast. Read more

Choosing a WordPress Theme

If you are choosing a WordPress theme for your site then read this article first…

When we get asked to create a new site the Customer is alway very keen to get the look and feel right and quite rightly so, but the basis for choosing the right WordPress theme should not be based on the way it looks, it should be based on the functionality needed in your site; what do you need it to do?   Look and feel is very important and first impression count but styling a website is the easy part. Read more

SEO – Optimise your content for search engines

Here’s a very easy way in which to optimise your content for search engines yourself.

Do this on every one of your pages on your website to give it the best chance to be found by search engines organically.

When you write your page or article you have to think “what would we expect Joe Bloggs to type into a search engine to find it?” We’re going to use this article to show you how we do SEO. Read more

Fabulous WordPress Website Designs for Women

We have put together our favourite WordPress website designs for women in all shapes and colours, some fun, some seriously cool and some well, just lovely!

There are some fantastic website designs for women. Take a look below at our favourites , you can see a larger collection of website designs for women by clicking here.  All these designs are available to buy and use on your own website.  They are all fully responsive, so will look great on all screen sizes.  They are all customisable so your logo, colours and fonts can be added to suit your branding. Read more

Who should you be following on Twitter?

If you’re asking yourself “who should I be following on Twitter?” this article may help…

When I first started out on Twitter I had no idea how it worked or who to follow but since starting out apx 18 months ago, I have gained  (what I think) is a respectable number of followers, today that stands at 1036.  I want to keep growing and nurturing my followers, so I try to give useful tweets, that will help them with their website, a little bit of info of what’s going on in my life (but not too much) and by engaging with them and retweeting their tweets. Read more

Are you a business in Wiltshire?

Want a new website but think it’ll cost too much?

Get £1500 towards your new website with the TEN grant.

Having the right online presence and marketing strategy can really give your business a boost. After all your website is your “shop front” and if your visitors don’t like what they see, they go to the next “shop”.  If you have a website that doesn’t do your business justice, or if you feel green when you see your competitors website, then  it’s time you got a new one. Read more

LYNDSAYMOON.COM to Hashtag Websites Ltd

So, we’ve grown, and we felt it’s time to for LYNDSAYMOON.COM to grow too. We’re proud of the name that’s given us success over the last 3.5 years and loved every minute of it, but felt we wanted to have something more formal so a company was formed and Hashtag Websites Ltd was created.

We’re a small team of dedicated to web developers. Customer service, providing great websites and growing your online presence is still our priority.

Our mission is…

To provide flexible, long term, manageable websites that the Customer can take ownership of and grow themselves.

Still sticking with WordPress as our platform of choice. We’re moving onward and upward, why not take that ride with us?

Find great colour schemes for your next project

Looking for a colour scheme for your website?

We are always looking for the next colour scheme for our sites, if it doesn’t come from a logo then we turn to Design Seeds as our first port of call!  Not only is it’s a beautiful website, packed full of fabulous pictures and great colour schemes, it’s also a real pleasure to look through. Read more

Why we use premium WordPress themes

We always use premium WordPress themes when building sites for Customers.

Why we love using them.

They have been developed by experts (graphic designers, PHP coders etc..), why re-invent the wheel?  Premium themes are kept up to date and tested with new versions of WordPress and are supported by the developers, should you run into trouble. Read more

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